Best SEO Communities to Join for Marketers in 2023

Best SEO Communities to Join for Marketers in 2023

SEO is a hard nut to crack.

Everything in its world is dynamic, and any amount of knowledge seems inadequate. And so, facing complexities and difficulties in Search Engine Optimization is inevitable.

SEO communities or forums are reliable platforms that offer you a helping hand during hard times. There, you can easily find the best solutions to your problems from SEO professionals. It is also a perfect place to meet like-minded people and mentors in your field.

In this article, we will discuss various SEO communities and what you can expect from each, as well as how to join that is appropriate for your level of expertise and will help you gain more knowledge.

Why Marketers Should Join SEO Communities? 

An SEO community is your one-stop solution for all things SEO. SEO forums are a great platform to seek expert advice on your SEO problems. You can even get easy access to SEO techniques, ideas, and resources. SEO communities host various discussions on different SEO topics that can benefit your business.

Moreover, these communities are also one of the best sharing platforms that offer to you the best branding opportunities. All in all, from improving your SEO skills to increasing conversion rates, it is every marketer’s friend in need.

Best SEO Communities to Join for Marketers

1. Google Webmaster Help Community

Owned and managed by Google, this is one of the best SEO forums. It is easy to use and smart in itself. It facilitates solutions in no time as it has well-defined categories for SEO issues. Categories include Crawling, Hacked sites, Search Console, and so on.

You can easily find people facing similar issues along with the solutions. You can describe your issue in the search bar to find its solution. In case you find no right answer to your question, shoot your issue to the Help Community. Google Webmaster Community also has countless articles, and trending discussions that are valuable and knowledgeable by all means. 

Who should follow: Digital Marketers, bloggers

2. Black Hat World

It is a forum meant for SEO and more. It has two major sections named Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is based more on SEO factors rather than guidelines by search engines. White Hat SEO provides strategies that follow all guidelines given by search engines. It is a known fact that Black Hat SEO tactics are frowned upon by search engines and should be handled with care.

Apart from SEO, Black Hat World is a great platform to seek information and resources for Social media, web design, freelancing, and more. So, it is a community for business owners and newbies in blogging and marketing.

Who should follow: Digital Marketers, SEO specialists, bloggers, content writers

3. Warrior Forum

This forum is an all-in-one package for anyone working in the area of digital marketing. From SEO to Email marketing and from freelancing to ads marketing, this community has it all. Warrior Forum is where experts from various fields of study share their knowledge and resources. This makes it highly valuable and worth the price.

You can join this forum for free. However, you can also subscribe to its premium membership at $97/per year for better features. It gives access to digital marketing courses, events, and marketing tools.

Who should follow: Digital Marketers, Marketing students, SEO professionals

4. Moz

This is probably one of the top SEO communities you will come across. By signing up to the Moz community you get access to discussions, conferences, ideas, and countless backlinks.

You can also have access to tools like keyword explorer, domain analysis, Moz Bar, etc. Moz is the best free community offering the most qualitative resources. It also hosts events, conferences, and webinars, for aspiring SEOs. Moz community also gives you free/paid access to Moz academy and the learning center.  

Who should follow: Digital Marketers, SEO specialists, bloggers, content writers

5. Reddit SEO

Reddit is a discussion website. Reddit’s SEO section has about 1 lakh members contributing SEO tips, knowledge, and resources to the community. Though the discussions herein are vast and varied, categorization is a drawback.

Unlike any other top SEO community, there are no in-depth categories, since SEO is a subreddit in itself. However, on Reddit SEO, it is super-easy to post queries and search for answers to your questions. Since the forum is huge you can be assured about finding answers to almost anything.

Who should follow: Digital marketing enthusiasts, digital marketers, SEO specialists

6. Traffic Think Tank

It is a community founded by a group of three SEO experts. Unlike the above-mentioned SEO communities, this is a paid community. It has two price structures. One for learning and resources and the other for discussions.

Pricing varies according to your choice of either of it or both. On subscribing you have unlimited access to courses, videos, webinars, training, and online events. It is a perfect all-in-one platform for all digital marketers at any level of expertise.

Who should follow: Digital marketing enthusiasts, students, SEO professionals

7. Online Geniuses

It is a go-to place for all digital marketers, IT professionals, and SEO specialists. The forum hosts discussions on complex topics of marketing. Popular industry experts and SEO specialists take part in the events on regular basis. Online Geniuses also invites marketing experts like Gary Vaynerchuk, and Rand Fishkin to offer their insights to the community.

You can also share your advice and tips or even seek jobs and network on this forum for free. 

Who should follow: Digital Marketers, SEO specialists, job seekers

8. Women in Tech SEO

It is a global SEO community built by and for women in Tech. It aims to learn, teach, grow and inspire every woman therein. This SEO forum talks about various subjects including Content, PR, PPC ads, SAAS, technical SEO, and so on.

It is a paid platform with a joining fee of only 5 Euros. With it, you can get access to discussions, interviews, videos, seminars, etc. Apart from that, it also has speaker events, podcasts, and Newsletters that are valuable.

Who should follow: Women in Digital Marketing, IT, SEO, and other technical fields. 


If you are a digital marketing aspirant, who is just starting off, Reddit SEO and Google Webmaster are the SEO communities for you.

If you are an experienced SEO specialist Moz, Balck Hat world, and Online Geniuses are the best.

In case you are looking for more advanced SEO communities, Traffic Think Tank, and Warrior Forum are what you must be looking for.

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