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Best Practices for Partnering With a Podcast Booking Agency + 3 Best Agencies

A podcast booking agency is a company or service that helps connect podcast hosts with potential guests for their shows and vice versa.

A podcast booking agency functions by acting as a middleman between podcast hosts and potential guests.

They have established relationships with various podcast hosts and are aware of the topics and themes that each podcast covers. By understanding the needs and preferences of both the hosts and the guests, the agency can match the right guests with the right podcasts.

They handle the logistics of arranging the appearance, such as scheduling, coordinating with the host, and providing any necessary information or materials to the guest. This saves time and effort for both the hosts and the guests, as the agency takes care of the booking process, allowing them to focus on preparing for the podcast appearance.

Benefits of Using a Podcast Booking Agency

Utilizing a podcast booking agency offers numerous benefits for both the podcast host and the guest. Here are some of the top benefits:

  1. Time-Saving for Hosts and Guests: Podcast booking agencies manage research, outreach, scheduling, and logistics. Hosts can focus on their show’s content, while guests enjoy hassle-free appearances.
  2. Wide Network Access: Agencies connect hosts with a diverse range of experts, influencers, and thought leaders, enhancing podcast variety and relevance.
  3. Guaranteed Quality Guests: Agencies thoroughly vet guests for knowledge and articulation, ensuring high-quality content and easing the host’s vetting burden.
  4. Boosted Credibility: Both hosts and guests gain credibility. Hosts attract larger audiences by featuring respected guests, while guests enhance visibility and reach.
  5. Streamlined Booking Process: Agencies handle communication and logistics, simplifying the booking process and eliminating time-consuming coordination.
  6. Expert Guidance and Support: With their industry expertise, agencies offer valuable advice on interview techniques, content creation, and audience engagement.
  7. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Agencies facilitate connections, leading to potential partnerships and appearances, expanding networks, and opening new opportunities.

Finding & Choosing the Right Podcast Booking Agency

  1. Define Your Goals: Begin by clarifying what you hope to achieve through podcast appearances. Are you aiming to build brand awareness, share expertise, or promote a product or service? Your goals will guide your choice of an agency that specializes in your niche or has access to podcasts that align with your objectives.
  2. Research Agencies: Invest time in researching potential agencies. Look for agencies with a proven track record in your industry. Check their website, client testimonials, and case studies. An agency’s past performance can be a reliable indicator of their ability to meet your needs.
  3. Evaluate Their Network: The value of a podcast booking agency largely lies in its network. Assess the quality and relevance of the podcasts they work with. Are these platforms frequented by your target audience? Do they align with your brand and message?
  4. Assess Their Approach: Each agency has its unique approach to podcast booking. Some might focus on quantity, securing a high number of appearances, while others prioritize quality, ensuring each appearance is impactful and relevant. Determine which approach resonates with your strategy.
  5. Understand the Costs: Be clear about the pricing structure. Agencies may charge per booking, offer monthly packages, or have other pricing models. Ensure that their fee aligns with your budget and the expected return on investment.
  6. Schedule a Consultation: Finally, arrange a consultation to discuss your goals and assess their understanding of your needs. This interaction is crucial in determining whether there’s a good fit between your expectations and their services.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Agencies

When interviewing potential agencies, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. Here are some important questions to ask:

  1. Experience and Track Record: What is your experience in podcast booking? Can you provide examples of successful placements you’ve achieved for other clients?
  2. Understanding Your Needs: How will you align your podcast booking strategies with our specific goals and target audience?
  3. Client Portfolio: Can you share case studies or testimonials from previous clients, particularly those in a similar industry or with similar goals to ours?
  4. Approach to Booking: What is your approach to identifying and securing podcast opportunities? How do you ensure they are a good fit for our brand?
  5. Communication and Reporting: How will you communicate with us throughout our engagement? What kind of reporting can we expect regarding your efforts and our results?
  6. Network and Relationships: Can you describe the range and types of podcasts in your network? How do you leverage your relationships for booking opportunities?
  7. Crisis Management: How do you handle situations where a podcast appearance doesn’t go as planned or receives negative feedback?
  8. Cost Structure: What is your pricing model? Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?
  9. Flexibility and Customization: How flexible are your services? Can your offerings be customized to meet our unique needs?
  10. Success Metrics: How do you measure success in podcast bookings? What metrics do you use to evaluate the effectiveness of your placements?

By asking these questions, you can gain valuable insight into the agency’s capabilities, experience, and approach, ultimately helping you make an informed decision.

Working with an Agency

When working with a podcast booking agency, there are several important things to consider in order to ensure a successful and smooth working relationship. The following list provides key points to keep in mind:

  1. Clear Objectives: Define your goals. Are you seeking brand awareness, thought leadership, or direct customer engagement? Clarity in your objectives guides the agency to find suitable podcasts.
  2. Target Audience Understanding: Know your audience. This knowledge assists the agency in selecting podcasts that resonate with your demographic, ensuring a more effective reach.
  3. Communication and Feedback: Maintain open lines of communication. Regular updates and feedback help both parties stay aligned and address any concerns promptly.
  4. Budget and Expectations: Be transparent about your budget. This enables the agency to work within your means and set realistic expectations regarding the number and type of podcast opportunities.
  5. Flexibility and Adaptability: Stay flexible. The podcast landscape is dynamic, so be ready to adapt strategies as needed based on listener trends and feedback.
  6. Performance Metrics: Agree on key performance indicators (KPIs). This could include listener numbers, engagement rates, or website traffic post-appearance. Regularly review these metrics to gauge the success of your podcast appearances.
  7. Long-term Strategy: Think beyond one-off appearances. A strategic approach considering long-term brand positioning and message consistency yields better results.
  8. Agency Expertise: Leverage the agency’s expertise. Their insights and understanding of the podcasting world can be invaluable in crafting a successful strategy.

By considering these important points when working with a podcast booking agency, you can ensure a successful and beneficial partnership that will help elevate your podcast to new heights.

Establishing Goals and Objectives With Your Agency

When establishing goals and objectives with a podcast booking agency, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. Follow these steps to set clear goals and objectives for your agency:

  1. Target Audience Identification: Clearly define the demographics, interests, and listening habits of the audience you want to reach. This ensures your appearances align with their preferences and engagement patterns.
  2. Brand Alignment: Choose podcasts that resonate with your brand values and messaging. This alignment fosters brand consistency and reinforces your market position.
  3. Visibility Goals: Determine the level of visibility you aim to achieve. This could range from enhancing brand awareness to establishing thought leadership in your industry.
  4. Content Strategy: Develop a content strategy that outlines the key messages, topics, and stories you want to share. This strategy should align with your overall marketing objectives.
  5. Number of Appearances: Decide on the number of podcast appearances you aim for within a specific timeframe. This helps in planning and budget allocation.
  6. Performance Metrics: Establish clear metrics to evaluate the success of your podcast appearances. These could include listener engagement, website traffic increases, or lead generation metrics.
  7. Networking Goals: Consider the potential networking benefits, such as connecting with other industry experts and potential collaborators through these appearances

Evaluating the Performance of Your Podcast Booking Agency

It’s essential to evaluate the performance of your podcast booking agency. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Guest Quality and Relevance: Assess the caliber and relevance of the guests your agency secures. Guests should align with your podcast’s theme and resonate with your target audience.
  2. Booking Frequency and Consistency: Monitor the frequency and regularity of guest bookings. A reliable agency should provide a steady stream of guests, avoiding gaps in your publishing schedule.
  3. Audience Engagement and Feedback: Analyze listener engagement and feedback regarding the guests. Increased listenership and positive feedback are indicators of successful guest placements.
  4. Communication and Support: Evaluate the agency’s responsiveness and support. They should be readily available to address your concerns and provide transparent communication.
  5. Marketing and Promotion Efforts: Examine how the agency markets and promotes your podcast. Effective promotion should enhance your podcast’s visibility and attract a broader audience.
  6. ROI and Analytics: Review the return on investment (ROI) and detailed analytics provided by the agency. Metrics like listener growth, episode downloads, and audience demographics are critical for measuring success.
  7. Adaptability to Feedback: Observe how the agency responds to your feedback. A top-tier agency will adapt and refine their strategies based on your input.
  8. Contract Flexibility and Terms: Ensure the contract terms are favorable and flexible. It should allow for adjustments as your podcast evolves.

By following these steps, you can effectively evaluate the performance of your podcast booking agency and make informed decisions about their ongoing role in your podcasting efforts.

The 3 Best Podcast Booking Agencies for the SaaS world

If you’re in the SaaS (Software as a Service) world and looking to book guests for your podcast, working with a podcast booking agency can be a great way to streamline the process and find high-quality, relevant shows. Here are the 3 best podcast booking agencies for the SaaS world:

1. Kitcaster

Kitcaster is a Denver-based podcast booking agency established in September 2019. They cater primarily to founders and CEOs of both emergent and established businesses.

Kitcaster is renowned for securing highly relevant podcast interviews tailored to the unique goals of each client. Their service is marked by a high-touch, white-glove approach, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive experience. The onboarding process includes a discovery session to identify the target audience and desired outcomes, complemented by a complimentary media kit.

Kitcaster’s Platinum package, priced at $2,499 per month for six months, includes five scheduled podcast interview.

2. Speak on Podcasts

For thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking to enhance their reach, Speak on Podcasts offers a specialized service in securing podcast guest spots.

Tailored for those aiming to share their insights and stories on prominent podcasts, this agency expertly navigates the podcasting world to connect you with the right audiences. They provide comprehensive support in identifying suitable podcasts, managing bookings, and optimizing your podcast guest appearances.

Speak on Podcasts’ services are priced at $1,000 per month, and this includes two highly relevant podcast interviews.

3. GrowthWonk

GrowthWonk provides a podcast booking service designed for SaaS entrepreneurs looking to boost their brand presence online. This service is ideal for those looking to amplify their voice and establish themselves as authorities in their field through targeted podcast appearances.

GrowthWonk offers end-to-end podcast booking services, including creating professional podcast one-sheets, personalized podcast outreach and follow-ups, securing appearances on relevant podcasts, and providing monthly updates on outreach progress. These services are particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who aim to integrate podcasting into their branding and networking strategy, offering a mix of broad outreach, networking, personalized branding, and content creation.

With pricing starting from $1000, GrowthWonk is an ideal partner for amplifying your voice and expanding your influence through the power of podcasting.


In summary, selecting a suitable podcast booking agency is essential for effective guest placements and successful podcast appearances. A competent agency not only does podcast interview connections but also assists guests in gaining recognition in their respective fields. Consider factors like network strength, reputation, and booking success when choosing an agency. The right agency ensures meaningful engagements and impactful discussions by aligning guests with appropriate podcasts.

For those aiming to enhance their SaaS brand through podcasts, GrowthWonk offers specialized services. We focus on linking SaaS professionals with relevant podcasts, aiding in expanding your influence and establishing your expertise in the industry.

Book a call to learn how our services can assist in your growth.