Professional Podcast Booking Service

Our podcast outreach service connects expert guests with top podcasts through targeted research, personalized pitches, and seamless follow-ups for maximum exposure.

  • Save hours on podcast outreach with our expert assistance.
  • Delegate outreach and follow-ups to us, overcoming time constraints.
  • Effortlessly find podcasts and guests that resonate with your audience.
  • Pitch to podcast hosts and expert guests effectively without the hassle.

During our chat, I’ll show you the exact process with which I booked 240+ podcast appearances for a SaaS founder.

podcast booking service

“Vaishali secured my spot on 20 podcasts each month. This exposure opened doors to prominent podcasts, all through natural and organic means, resulting in a substantial enhancement of my industry standing.”

Liam Martin

 Liam Martin

Co-founder, Time Doctor | Co-organizer, Running Remote Conference

Our Approach to Getting You on Popular Podcasts

Podcast One-Sheet

We develop an engaging one-sheet that showcases your distinctive value as a podcast guest.

Targeted Outreach and Follow-Up

We find, contact, and persistently follow up with podcasters relevant to your field and audience.

Secure 2+ Podcast Appearances Each Month

We guarantee your participation in at least two podcasts every month.

Calendar Notes for Upcoming Podcast Interviews

We input detailed notes in your calendar, giving you a comprehensive preview of each podcast before the interview.

Regular Updates

We keep you in the loop about progress and results.

On-Demand Assistance

We are committed to being available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the process.

Podcast Outreach Service Package

We offer flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project.

Guest Podcasting Kickstart Bundle


Professional podcast one-sheet creation

Personalized outreach and follow-ups

Securing appearances on 2+ highly relevant podcasts monthly

Calendar notes for upcoming podcast interviews

Monthly updates on outreach and progress

* Our standard service is priced at $1.5k/month. However, for new clients, we offer a special rate of $1k/month for the first year.