Blogger Outreach Tools: Curated List For 2022

Blogger Outreach Tools: Curated List For 2022

Reaching out to bloggers with a personalized email takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, sending the same email to a bunch of bloggers can make you feel like a spammer.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be either.

Blogger outreach tools help you scale your outreach process while building relations with bloggers. Using an email outreach tool, you’ll be able to send personalized emails at scale without feeling exhausted or guilty of spamming.

A blogger outreach tool helps you:

  • Find email addresses.
  • Send personalized emails using templates.
  • Follow up with an email sequence.
  • A/B test email templates and subject lines.
  • Analyze outreach performance.

So if you are looking to manage your link building campaigns and avoid costly mistakes, you should look at the following blogger outreach tools.

Top Blogger Outreach Tools

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why in this article, we look at the top 7 outreach solutions to help you find the perfect tool that suits your budget and needs. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is one of the popular outreach software for blogger outreach. It is designed specifically for marketers to conduct an outreach campaign, with a personalized relationship-building approach. The features are not just limited to outreach but also links and contacts research.


  • Prospects Research: Streamline the research process by enabling link and contact information research on the go. Automatically add contacts along with all the metrics to the research list in a project. Review the links and either approve, reject, or blacklist them based on your observation.
  • Cold Outreach: Send automated, personalized, email sequences, or even bulk emails. Set up a time about when to send the follow up emails. Send follow up emails automatically or manually – like a reminder.
  • Email Management: Check the status of all emails or contacts your team is working on. This comes in handy when you and your teammates have similar contacts in the outreach list. Email history, opens, clicks, response rate, and notes for a better response and results.
  • Reports: See the collective performance of the email campaigns, teams, and/or a project and take action for better performance. Customize reports based on your requirements.


Buzzstream offers a free trial for 14 days. Their paid plans are as below:

  • Starter ($24/month): For 1 user, 1000 contacts, monitor 1000 links, search 30 prospects.
  • Group ($99/month): For up to 3 users, 25000 contacts, monitor 25000 links, search 250 prospects, bulk emails, team collaboration, ahrefs integration, project reporting.
  • Professional($299/month): For up to 6 users, 100000 contacts, monitor 100000 links, search 1000 prospects, customized reports, dedicated account manager, team reporting. 
  • Custom($999/month): For 15+ users, 300000 contacts, custom implementation plan, and onboarding new team members.

2. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach, as its name suggests, is a complete CRM for influencer and blogger outreach. It also helps find influencers and engaging users on social media with its effective social and SEO insights.


  • Intuitive Research: NinjaOutreach has a simple and clean interface. Search for leads just by entering the target keyword in a search box. Filter and add them to your list. Get all the information about the leads like their contact details, social media details, and also SEO information of the link.
  • Outreach: Custom email templates, email open, reply click tracking, email history, automated follow ups, email status filtering. NinjaOutreach also provides automated outreach campaigns which save a lot of time.
  • Email Statistics: Analyze which email templates are performing better. Check the open rate, click-through rate, and reply rate for all the templates in a single view.
  • Autofill Contact Forms: Automate outreach via Contact forms. Automatically open your target lead’s Contact URL page and fill it out with the details you entered in the outreach template.


There is a 7-day free trial available. Here are the paid options thereafter:

  • Flex ($299/month): For 1 user, 1 connected email, 1000 contacts, 10000 emails, unlimited searches.
  • Pro ($499/month): For 3 users, 4 connected emails, 4000 contacts, 15000 emails, unlimited searches.

3. Respona


Respona is a relatively new PR cum link building outreach tool. It has a database of over 400M influencers and professionals. It is an all-in-one digital PR and link building software 


  • Link Building Opportunities: Respona’s engine finds the right link building opportunities. It includes the latest blog articles, news posts, podcast opportunities, and much more.
  • Automated Email Sequence: Create automated email template sequences using variables. Adjust the subject length, word count, question count, spam words, etc. Respona’s built-in scoring system for increasing your chances to receive a response.
  • Email Research: Fetch prospect’s contact information using Respona’s AI. All you need to tell is which position it should look for. It also fetches the person’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Personalization: Respona’s AI assistant connects with the prospects on other channels. It studies the contacts and suggests snippets for a perfectly personalized email.


Respona doesn’t have any free plan or free trial period. But it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of the plans.

  • Standard ($145/month): For 3 users, 1 connected email, 100 emails, 100 author email lookups
  • Standard ($145/month): Custom users, custom connected emails, custom emails, custom author email lookups, regular expert strategy calls

4. lemlist

lemlist is a multi-purpose outreach tool that can be used for generating sales leads, content promotion, as well as blogger outreach. It is an ideal platform to personalize and automate outreach campaigns.


  • Email Deliverability: With lemlist’s lemwarm feature, send unique emails from your account and reply to those emails from within the lemwarm community. It imitates human behavior and maximizes email deliverability.
  • Highly Personalized Emails: Dynamic tags, images, video embeds, chat, Calendly, Typeform integrations make it possible to create dynamic emails. Use lemlist’s Liquid (includes logical and comparison operators) and Spin (multiple variations of a sentence) syntax to create highly personalized emails.
  • Automated emails with follow ups: Find prospects directly on LinkedIn, transfer their info along with their email address to lemlist, and start sending automated email sequences. 
  • Integrations: lemlist integrates with many CRM and growth apps and also provides custom API with detailed documentation.


lemlist has 14-day free trial.

  • Silver ($29/month): For 1 user, auto email warm-up, personalization, automated sequence.
  • Gold ($49/user/month): Auto email warm-up, personalization, automated sequence, personalized images, API & integrations
  • Platinum ($99/user/month): Auto email warm-up, personalization, automated sequence, personalized images, API & integrations, dynamic landing pages, video, Calendar & chat integrations priority customer support

5. Mailshake

Mailshake, formally,  is a sales engagement cum PR cum link building platform. Additionally, it can also be used for sending personalized cold emails on a mass scale. 


  • Email Templates: Mailshake has a vast collection of proven, effective templates. Choose different templates for traditional link building, broken link building, guest posting, or general content promotion emails. Add your own custom templates and use those.
  • Personalized Messages: Similar to most outreach tools, Mailshake allows you to send personalized messages in bulk with the help of their merge fields. Depending on the opens, replies, and clicks, schedule automatic follow-ups, and track the performance of the campaigns in the analytics dashboard.
  • Lead Catcher: Easily communicate with leads using Lead Catcher’s lightning-fast queue.  Managing and updating the status of the leads becomes easier because all the leads are in one place.
  • Powerful integrations: Mailshake integrates with Zapier to enable integration with any app you want.
  • One-to-One Reviews: Mailshake’s outreach experts do video analysis of your campaign to improve deliverability, open, reply rates, and overall performance.


Similar to Respona, Mailshake offers a 30-day guarantee. They have one plan for email outreach and another for sales engagement.

  • Email Outreach ($59/user/month): This plan covers all the functionality explained above. 

6. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a link building & influencer outreach platform for link builders, PR, and outreach professionals. It helps to organize outreach campaigns starting from research to analytics, all in a single platform.


  • Contact Discovery: Pitchbox’s advanced proprietary scoring algorithm discovers contact information along with their social details and demographics. It also ranks the contacts based on their engagement probability.
  • Outreach: Get all the features like smart templates, sequences, scheduling based on time zones, and automated follow-ups for a complete outreach campaign. 
  • Skill-Based Workflow: Focusing on productivity, Pitchbox has designed a powerful workflow that helps you dedicate yourself to the task at hand plus organize the entire team’s work. 
  • SEO: Get all SEO metrics (DR, DA, and Traffic data) for the prospect link for quicker analysis and decision. 
  • Reports: Check campaign and team performance to track progress. Create your own, easy to read reports.
  • Integrations: Pitchbox can be integrated with a lot of industry-leading tools including Slack, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.


Pitchbox pricing has four plans based on the number of users and features. They don’t disclose the pricing and it varies based on requirements.

7. is another outreach automation platform that can be used for blogger outreach. It comes with all the features needed for the outreach process like email verification, email sending, and email tracking.


  • Drip Email Campaigns: Create automated sequences, schedule follow-ups (with timers, triggers, and delays) with’s intuitive drag-&-drop email campaign builder.
  • Email Research: Use to find emails by domain, company, names, or location, position, and skills with the boolean search. It also does an email search on professional social networks.
  • Email Verification: Reduce the bounce rate and email blocking by cleaning up old or invalid helps improve email deliverability and keep the high reputation of your email. The email verifier tool can verify individual emails as well as a complete email list.

Pricing has an unlimited freemium plan. The paid plans range from $39/month to $578/month and they are as below

  • S ($39/month): For startups and solopreneurs. Unlimited users, share 1000 email finder credits per month, verify 2000 email addresses and run an email drip campaign for 5000 recipients max.
  • M ($79/month): This plan is for small sales and marketing teams. Share 5000 email finder credits per month, verify 10,000 email addresses, and run an email drip campaign for 10,000 recipients max.
  • L ($169/month): For companies that want to expand their outreach. Share 20,000 email finder credits per month, verify 40,000 email addresses, and run an email drip campaign for 30,000 recipients max.
  • XL ($289/month): For established sales teams. Share 50,000 email finder credits per month, verify 100,000 email addresses, and run an email drip campaign for unlimited recipients.
  • XXL ($578/month): Share 100,000 email finder credits per month, verify 200,000 email addresses, and run an email drip campaign for unlimited recipients.


And that’s the list of blogger outreach tools.

Shortlist 2-3 tools that you like from the list. Then use the free trial to see if they fit your needs. By the end of the trial period, you should be able to find your perfect outreach tool.

Know of any other tools that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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